Therapiesfor the relief


Electrotherapy uses direct current, alternating or pulse. Depending on the indication performed treatments using currents: faradycznych, Russian, interference, diadynamic, high voltage galvanic, TENS, microcurrent. Ultrasound is associated with the sound wave, but higher frequency. The use of two types of therapies at the same time to the same tissues is described as a combination therapy.


Orthopaedic Manual Therapy is a narrow specialization within physiotherapy oriented manual examination and treatment of patients with so-called. locomotor dysfunctions, and thus pain, contraction and instability in the joints of the upper limbs, lower limbs, temporomandibular joints, and within individual segments of the spine.


Action to restore control of nerve – muscle and setting up mechanisms to adapt the patterns of muscle in order to maintain the stability of the local and global (balance). Functional training is to restore lost function by the patient, increase efficiency or to improve the motion pattern. Diagnosis of metabolic weight Tanita will inspect and monitor output during a training cycle, body fat, muscle, bone and water relative to the circuit body.


Therapy Kinesiology Taping is a sensory impact of the patch on the body in order to use the possibility of compensating the body. Helpful in the treatment of pain, correction fascial system, reedukowaniu motor function. The addressee of therapy can be any person in whom the tests indicate the possibility of reducing symptoms. The tests give an assessment of the overall functioning of the body and the information which areas are affected and linked with existing symptoms.


Lymphatic drainage is one of the activities physiotherapy. Using the therapist’s hands or other devices for this purpose created, it streamlined the lymph circulation. In this way it prevents diseases resulting from stasis edema, inflammation, oncotic and lymph. The pace of the massage is very low (approx. 10-15 movements per minute) and the techniques used are carried out smoothly and gently.